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Figure 14-4 The pattern of serum TSH and hCG changes are shown as a function of gestation age in 606 healthy pregnant women. Between 8 and 14 weeks gestation, changes in serum hCG and TSH are mirror images of each other, and there is a significant negative correlation between the individual TSH (nadir) and peak hCG levels (P<0.001) (hCG: ▲-----▲ ; TSH: ●-----●). The inset shows a scattergram of serum free T4 levels in the same women plotted in relation to circulating hCG concentrations (by 10.000 IU/L increment) during the first half of gestation. The figure shows the direct relationship between free T4 and hCG, with progressively increasing free T4 levels (from Glinoer, Ref 41).