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About Thyroid Disease Manager

Thyroid Disease Manager© was developed by Leslie J. De Groot, M.D. and a Group of Thyroid Experts from around the world. It is owned and copyrighted in its entirety by Endocrine Education, Inc., a Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation. James DelGrande is the Web designer. We do not use "cookies" to record information from readers. Current usage data- 25-50,000 hits and +/-2000 visitors each day!

Thyroid Disease Manager© offers an up-to-date analysis of thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules and cancer, thyroiditis, and all aspects of human thyroid disease and thyroid physiology. It provides physicians, researchers, and trainees (as well as patients) around the world with an authoritative, current, complete, objective, free, and down-loadable source on the thyroid. This website is directed to helping physicians care for their patients with thyroid problems.

Goals and Philosophy

Last updated: October 1, 2009

Our primary goal is to assist physicians in managing patients who have, or may have, thyroid disease, through our on-line web textbook  covering all aspects of clinical thyroidology,and related basic science.. Thus we provide information on diseases, diagnosis, and therapy, and roadmaps through the process. In addition we  provide information on development, function, and control of the normal and diseased thyroid that will also be useful to trainees and researchers. Our web book  is FREE to all users. It is written for physicians by physicians. We intend our web book to be authoritativde, comprehensive, constantly updated, readable, and down-loadable.

We intend that our material be  balanced, and contemporary, but presented without losing sight of the work of our predecessors. For example, while we must include recent studies, we will continue to refer to landmark investigations done years ago when they remain an important original source.

We also note that the World Wide web is cluttered with medical advise and "information" that is misleading and unreliable. We need to separate our site from this pseudo-science as clearly as possible. To this end, all material is prepared by a physician recognized as an authority in the area, who will be identified with the section and responsible for it. All sections will be reviewed by two other editors, who will also be identified with the section, as well as by Leslie De Groot. We will respond to any suggestions arriving from readers who find errors or disagree with our presentations. Editors will update material continuously, and yearly. Items of special interest will be posted as Thyroid News.

Traditionally this type of compilation of medical information has been presented as a book. Books are usually 1-2 years out of date when initially published, and are increasingly expensive. This electronic format allows presentation of information in a very current manner, and at no cost to the reader because of out financial support. For the majority of us who still prefer to read hard copy, all our material can be down loaded whenever desired. A CD-ROM version is made available from time to time.

We note that the concept, planning, design, and content are exclusively the product of the authors and editors. We have received unrestricted educational grants to help production of the site. We also need and welcome contribution in any amount by readers who find the site useful and wish to support the effort. Contributions should be addressed to Endocrine Education Inc. , P.O. Box P-94, South Dartmouth, MA 02748, and are tax -deductible.

Endocrine Eduction Inc is a not-for-profit organization with the usual structure of voting corporation members (comprised of all authors), an annually elected Board of Directors, and operating Officers elected by the Directors. Its sole activity is publication of a website, WWW.THYROIDMANAGER.ORG. The content of our website is produced by (approximately) 30 authors from around the world, all experts in their fields. The concept, planning, design, and content of our website are exclusively the product of the authors and editors, without input of any sort from commercial organizatioons. Authors are required to sign a COI statement indicating that  no conflict exists between their scholarly publication and any commercial entity,  or that a conflict could exist, and if the latter, how this has been resolved. Perhaps equally important in practice is that the editors and chief editor review all manuscripts and verify that proprioetary product names are excluded and that no inappropriate support is given to any commercial entity or product.