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Q  Had a quick question on being hyper and hypo at the same time. I had RAI in 2004 and am on full replacement hormone, I take Naturethroid ( pig hormone) and my T4 levels are at or below the bottom of the range and my T3 levels stay at the top of the range. I feel I have mixed symptoms, are there cells that specifically need T4 vs T3 hormones? If so, which ones are they and how do I correct this? Is there an ideal level for each hormone to closely resemble what a person with a thyroid would have so I feel my best? Thank You
Response  The answer to your question is no.
T3 is the active hormone so your levels are fine as long as your T3 level does not go above the normal range. However the half life of T3 is short and it may be that immediately after taking your preparation the T3 level does indeed go above the normal range and cause some hyper symptoms.
It is actually preferable to take synthetic thyroxine for a number of reasons: one being that the thyroid levels are a bit easier to interpret and the T3 levels will not rise above normal.