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Thyroid Cyst, What to Do?

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I found a lump in my neck back in september, but at the time I was sick so all the other glands in my throat were swollen. But a couple of months go by and I still felt in my neck. So I went back to the doctor who suggested that I have a ultrasound, the results came back that it was a complex cyst on the left lobe of my thyroid. I then had a needle aspiration ( A reddish brown thick liquid) which I am confused about because first he said that there was not enough fiber cystic cells which would mean I would have to have it removed, and also the fact that the cyst had refilled. I then discussed it with my family doctor who said he agrees to have it removed because it will just keep refilling. I was also told the chances of it being cancer are 1%. And that there was no thyroid cells in my cyst. I am just really confused about the whole thing is there any other option?

Danielle Rodgers


The first question in the danger of malignancy. If you and your MD have satisfactorily addressed that issue, there generally are several treatment options for benign cysts. One can leave it in place if it is not too large. Sometimes after 2-3 attempts (or more) at drainage, it may stay smaller. Some MDs sclerose cysts by injecting ethanol into the cyst. And lastly, of course, is operation.

Best regards.

L De Groot, MD