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QUESTION--I'm 35yrs old and found a lump in my thyroid so my GP advised me to go for ultrasound and blood test . The ultrasound result was--

There was a solitary well defined prominently solid mildly echogenic nodule with some cystic degeneration in the mid to lower aspect of left hemithyroid measuring 3.4 into 1.6 into 2.8 cm in diameter. This was hypervascular on color Doppler imaging. Echo texture and vascularity throughout the remainder of the thyroid was normal. No lymphadenopathy was evident. The inferior margin was clear with suprasternal notch.


The palpable nodule corresponds to a solitary predominantly solid hypervascular nodule measuring 3.4 cm in diameter. Fine needle aspiration is recommendend.

And my blood results were


Results consistent with euthyroidism

Anti thyroglobulin abs(Immulite)-49u/ml

Anti thyroidal Peroxidase Abs-335

What does all this mean. Could u please give advise. Is there any chance my cyst would be benign as I'm really freaked out and my FNA is due next week. Kindly reply to this. Thank you, PRIYA

RESPONSE- You should have the FNA in order to tell whether or not the lump should be removed surgically.  In addition you have evidence of some autoimmunity to the thyroid (positive antibody tests), which is common, and at this time presents no problem.  L De Groot,  MD