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Archives for April, 2007

Role of color flow Doppler sonography for discovering the etiologic diagnosis of hyperthyroidism

Topic: DOPPLER ULTRASONOGRAPHY & HYPERTHYROIDISM Title: Color Flow Doppler Sonography for the Etiologic Diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism. Authors: Erdogan MF, Anil C, Cesur M, Baskal N, and Erdogan G. Reference: Thyroid 17: 223-228, 2007 Summary Background Color flow Doppler sonography is gaining importance for the functional evaluation of thyroid disorders. Purpose The objective of this study […]

An inverse agonist for the TSH receptor

Topic: MECHANISM OF TSH RECEPTOR ACTIVATION Title: Suppression of thyrotropin receptor constitutive activity by a monoclonal antibody with inverse agonist activity. Authors: Chen C-R, McLachlan SM, & Rapoport B. Reference: Endocrinology, 2007 (First published ahead of print on February 1, 2007 as doi:10.1210/en.2006-1754) Summary Background Thyrotropin (TSH) binding to the TSH receptor (TSHR) induces thyrocyte […]