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Archives for February, 2009

Tg-Ab and differentiated thyroid cancer

TOPIC: Tg-Ab measurements for prediction of recurrence in thyroid cancer Title: The prevalence of transient change of serum thyroglobulin antibody levels is useful for prediction of clinical recurrence in thyroglobulin-negative patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma Authors: Kim WG , Yoon JH, Kim WB , Kim TY , Kim EY , Kim JM , Ryu JS […]

Role of thyroid hormone receptor in cancer

TOPIC: Thyroid hormone receptor Title: Thyroid hormone receptor alpha1 acts as a potent suppressor of tumor invasiveness and metastasis. Authors: Martinez-Iglesias O, Garcia-Silva S, Tenbaum SP, Regadera J, Larcher F, Paramio JM, Vennstrom B, & Aranda A. Reference: Cancer Research 69: 501-509, 2009 Summary Background Loss of thyroid hormone receptors (TR) is a common feature […]

High frequency of inadequate TH replacement therapy

TOPIC: Treatment of hypothyroid patients Title: High frequency of – and factors associated with – thyroid hormone over-replacement and under-replacement in men & women aged 65 and over. Authors: Somwaru LL, Arnold AM, Joshi N, Fried LP, & Cappola AR. Reference: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (epub – ahead of print) January 6, 2009 […]