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Archives for January, 2008

Surrounding embryonic tissues (outside the thyroid anlage) play an instructive role in early development of the thyroid gland

TOPIC: Thyroid development Title: Early developmental specification of the thyroid gland depends on han-expressing surrounding tissue and on FGF signals. Authors: : Wendl T, Adzic D, Schoenebeck JJ, Scholpp S, Brand M, Yelon D, & Rohr KB. Reference: Development 134: 2871-2879, 2007 (doi:10.1242/dev.02872) Summary Background In all vertebrates, the thyroid gland develops from the ventral […]

Novel somatostatin analogs for treatment of Graves’ orbitopathy

TOPIC: Graves' orbitopathy Title: Modulation of expression of somatostatin receptor subtypes in Graves' ophthalmopathy orbits: relevance to novel analogues Authors: Cozma I, Zhang L, Uddin J, Lane C, Rees A, & Ludgate M Reference: Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 293: E1630-E1635, 2007 (ahead of print) Summary Background Treatment of Graves'orbitopathy (GO) with two somatostatin analogs, […]