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Archives for May, 2008

Serum TSH as a thyroid cancer marker

TOPIC: Thyroid nodules Title: Higher serum thyroid stimulating hormone level in thyroid nodule patients is associated with greater risks of differentiated thyroid cancer and avanced tumor stage. Authors: Haymart MR, Repplinger DJ, Leverson GE, Elson DF, Sippel RS, Jaume JC, & Chen H. Reference: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 93: 809-814, 2008 Summary Context […]

Heritable (versus environmental) contribution to determine normal thyroid function pattern

TOPIC: Genetics of hypothalamic-pituitary axis Title: Heritability of serum TSH, free T4 and free T2 concentrations: a study of a large UK twin cohort. Authors: Panicker V, Wilson SG, Spector TD, Brown SJ, Falchi M, Richards JB, Surdulescu GL, Lim EM, Flectcher SJ, & Walsh JP. Reference: Clinical Endocrinology 68: 652-659, 2008 Summary Objective Thyroid […]

Congenital hypothyroidism

TOPIC: Dyshormonogenesis and congenital hypothyroidism Title: Mutations in the iodotyrosine deiodinase gene and hypothyroidism. Authors: Moreno JC, Klootwijk W, van Toor H, Pinto G, D'Alessandro M, L'ger A, Goudie D, Polak M, Gr'ters A, & Visser TJ. Reference: New England Journal of Medicine 358: 1811-1818, 2008 Summary Context DEHAL1 has been identified as the gene […]