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Archives for July, 2007

The Tbx1 gene and the developing thyroid

Topic: New genes in the pathogenesis of thyroid disease Title: The 22q11 deletion syndrome candidate gene Tbx1 determines thyroid size and positioning. Authors: Fagman H, Liao J, Westerlund J, Andersson L, Morrow BE, & Nilsson M. Reference: Human Molecular Genetics 16: 276-285, 2007 Summary Background Thyroid dysgenesis is the major cause of congenital hypothyroidism in […]

The role of D3 in the regulation of tissue growth and differentiation

Topic: Thyroid hormone metabolism and action Title: Gene expression from the imprinted Dio3 locus is associated with cell proliferation of cultured brown adipocytes. Authors: Hernandez A, Garcia B, & Obregon MJ. Reference: Endocrinology, May 17, 2007 [Epub ahead of print] Summary Background Active thyroid hormones are critical for the differentiation and function of brown adipose […]

Vitiligo and multiple autoimmune disease

Topic: V itiligo: a role for the innate immune system? Title- NALP1 in vitiligo-associated multiple autoimmune disease. Authors: Jin Y, Mailloux CM, Gowan K, Riccardi SL, LaBerge G, Bennett DC, Fain PR, & Spritz RA. Reference: New England Journal of Medicine 356: 1216-1225, 2007 Summary Background Autoimmune thyroid disease is the commonest of a group […]

Congenital hypothyroidism: an experience of nature in mice

Topic: Mutations in congenital hypothyroidism Title -Congenital hypothyroidism, dwarfism and hearing impairment caused by a missense mutation in the mouse dual oxidase 2 gene, Duox 2. Authors: Johnson KR, Marden CC, Ward-Bailey P, Gagnon LH, Bronson RT, & Donahue LR Reference: Molecular Endocrinology (first published ahead of print April 17, 2007) Summary Background The mouse […]