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Archives for August, 2007

A population study comparing low, adequate, and excessive iodine intake levels in China

TOPIC: Excessive iodine intake and the risk of thyroid autoimmune disease Title: Effect of iodine intake on thyroid diseases in China. Authors: Teng W, Shan Z, Teng X, Guan H, et al. Reference: New England Journal of Medicine 354: 2783-2793, 2006 Summary Background Normal thyroid function requires iodine to produce thyroid hormones. Both low (i.e. […]

About the -Opitz-Kaveggia- syndrome

TOPIC: New genes involved in thyroid disease Title: A recurrent mutation in MED12 leading to R961W causes Opitz-Kaveggia syndrome. Authors: Risheg H, Graham JM Jr, Clark RD, Rogers RC, Opitz JM, Moeschler JB, Peiffer AP, May M, Joseph SM, Jones JR, Stevenson RE, Schwartz CE, & Friez MJ. Reference: Nature Genetics 39: 451-453, 2007 Summary […]